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The ratio of people being in an abusive relationship or in an abusive household is increasing and there is no end to this disease. The things we can do regarding this issue are to step up for our friends and relatives and be there for them when they need us the most. In most abusive relationships the victim doesn’t even realize he or she is a victim.

Domestic abuse can come in all shapes as in the form of sexual abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, and the list go on without end. The most important thing to be concerned about is that most of these cases are not even reported.


Now, these signs may be clear and visible to an outsider but can often blur the judgment of the person facing abuse. The main signs are a physical attack that may include hitting someone, slapping, pushing punching or some other kind of physically aggressive action. Most people when in a relationship often get enraged and in the meanwhile hurt the partner. If they have such type of personality don’t stay with them any longer as if they can hurt, you even the slightest there is a chance in the future that they can get out of hand.

Verbal or emotional abuse often goes hand in hand, they can either lead to emotionally blackmailing the victim or shaming them. In abusive relationships mostly the victim blames him or herself for the fights and arguments. Remember a healthy minded person or the person who loves you would never blame you for everything wrong happening around. Verbal abuse can also be in a sort that dominant person may try to shame or intimidate you in public, having no sense of responsibility about your self-respect this mostly happens to children in an abusive household.

The other signs would be threats that if you don’t obey me, I would kill or hurt you or will kill or hurt myself. In this matter, the victim might care for their partner and thus does whatever they say. However, this kind of mindset is especially an unhealthy one and if you really want to help them let them meet a therapist. Losing temper can also be a sort of abuse and making people around them feel intimidated.


Now there are a few things that you should do instead of sitting and doing nothing letting yourself brim in pain. The first thing’s first, stop blaming yourself! The domestic abuse victims often blame themselves for everything as they are made to believe that, however, it’s not that you are at fault in any way.

Stop hiding under the blanket of shame and go talk to someone and if something bad happens to you, tell the people closest to you to know if this is a sort of abuse or not.

If you witness abuse on your mother or your close relative don’t hide back give them, you full support as they might feel trapped and the person at wrong. Make them feel they are important, and they are not alone.

Call the police or the domestic abuse helpline as they can help you. Note the pattern of abuse as to how and when the abuser attacks or harm in any way the victim this can help the police or the helpline to know for sure that the person is an abuser by judging his mental state. Leave this kind of relationship and go away from them as far a possible if don’t have anywhere to go there are several domestic violence protection shelters to protect you and give you a roof.